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Embrace the power of steam with the Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on

Thought you had seen everything that Train Sim World 3 had to offer? Think again, for now it’s time to embrace the power of steam once again. 

Train Sim World players will be well familiar with what steam brings to the railways, most notably through Train Sim World 2’s Spirit of Steam set-up. But now it’s time to immerse yourselves in the soot and sound again, with the arrival of the Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on. 

Available right now for Train Sim World 3 players to enjoy, the Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on does very much what it says on the tin, working best with the previous West Cornwall Local DLC pack. 

It comes as Rivet Games, a Partner Programme Developer, has just released a new update that brings a fresh and polished locomotive to Train Sim World 3 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, letting you take the reins of the LMS Jubilee in a preservation era, running through Great Western rails to West Cornwall.

This new update offers players an authentic challenge with the inclusion of modern safety systems, now required for main line running. This gives drivers a different experience compared to the period setting in Spirit of Steam. Along with the up-to-date safety features, the LMS Jubilee also sports a fresh Crimson livery, shining with a new coat of paint.

But the updates don’t end there. The West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on also includes a rake of Mk1 carriages and two distinct liveries – BR Black and LMS Crimson. Additionally, the pack offers a number of unique features such as optional festive lights, often seen on real-life heritage railways throughout the UK, and removable headboards.

Even if you don’t own the West Cornwall Local route Add-on, you can still operate rail tours separately across a number of UK routes using Scenario Planner. And for those who own the West Cornwall Local route Add-on, the LMS Jubilee will grace the timetable of West Cornwall Local with new service layers. This includes four additional services and five distinct scenarios, expanding the offering of this popular route Add-on.

Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on is available now for £9.99/€11.99/$14.99. You’ll obviously need the base game of Train Sim World 3 itself. Hit up the Xbox Store in order to hop on board and enjoy the ride!

DLC Description:

Please note: For the full experience, we recommend you own Train Sim World: West Cornwall Local which is available as a separate purchase. Ever since the steam era ended, enthusiasts have kept the fire alive through preservation. The LMS Jubilee Class is no exception, with a quartet of kettles still surviving to this day in various conditions. Mainline certified steam locomotives, including Jubilees, are retrofitted with modern safety equipment. The West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-On brings a series of scenarios and services to the challenging Penzance – St Austell route. Experience the Jubilee Class in BR Maroon and BR Black liveries away from the 1950s, as it is in more recent years. Drive a festive train, dressed in fairy lights! With Scenario Planner, take the steam railtour action to whichever route you like!

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