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Elemental Titans’ latest update introduces a new Hero and the Class System

All9Fun has just released a fiery new update for its idle mobile RPG Elemental Titans. This Christmas version comes right on time with a brand new Hero Class System, Trial Tower, and a build up on the Heroes’ Star Rank. But the best part of it all is a new Hero.

Let’s kick things off with the new hero itself, Dolphina Naia, who belongs to the S-Tier. She is the Queen of the Mermaid Tribe and joins Vanguard Myrina who was introduced in the previous update. Dolphina, like her name suggests, uses spirit dolphins to assist her and her teammates in battle by providing protective buffs to everyone.

The patch extends the Hero Star Rank system with the new Hero Classes, that add much more depth to gameplay. On activating a hero’s class title, the character receives a powerful passive ability and some extra attributes as well, making them even stronger than before.

Currently, there are five classes – Guard, Brawler, Mage, Archer, and Healer – each with unique skills. All of them can also be advanced into the Crusader, Ronin, Marksman, Warlock, and Cleric. Upgrading the ranks will only make these characters more powerful.

Elemental Titans’ Creator Program has been extensively used by players to churn out a lot of content. Those that join this squad will receive a special icon frame that denotes their contributions to the game. Players ranking at the top of the Cross-Server World Arena and Championship also stand to get glory frames, which are even cooler.

Don’t forget to check out the Christmas events too. The holiday cheers still continue as everyone will be granted a tonne of rewards just by hopping into the game and keeping an eye on its Facebook page and Discord channel.

Enjoy the new update by downloading Elemental Titans for free by clicking on either link given below.

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