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Elden Ring Fans Spot New Hairstyle In DLC Trailer

Elden Ring’s free DLC is adding the one thing that matters – more Fashion Souls options.

Elden Ring’s free colosseum DLC didn’t just add three arenas and a handful of PvP modes to dive into, but some new cosmetics as spotted by some eagle-eyed fans. There’s a moment in the trailer where a cleric kneels down to heal and you can see her sporting a brand-new set of pigtails. This has since been confirmed in the patch notes and by fans jumping in-game to check them out.

These hairstyles were leaked a while back alongside the colosseum DLC itself, and as the DLC has just gone live, you can find everything new in-game right now. You don’t even have to start a new character to check out what customisation options have been added since you can simply visit the mirror at the Roundtable Hold to change your look. Even if your Roundtable Hold is on fire.


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This has fans excited that the update might be hiding away some other secrets yet to be uncovered or revealed, as is often the case with Elden Ring. The base game is nearly a year old now and people are still making plenty of discoveries, so it’s no surprise that expectations are high for some classic FromSoftware goodies tucked away.

Aside from hairstyles, those unpacking the trailer found some other tid-bits, not all useful. A standout is an animation from one of the combatants who bends and contorts in an inhumane fashion that would no doubt break all of his bones had he tried that same move in the real-world, but this is Elden Ring baby, physics don’t apply. You can see his arm twist backwards as he leaps, holding a torch behind himself as his foot crumples into the ground. There’s no deeper lore meaning or anything, but it’s a good reminder to be careful taking screenshots when pulling out a move like that.

The update is live now so if you fancy hopping into some gladitorial fights, all you have to do is activate the statue at the Roundtable Hold. Good hunting.

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