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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Artifact Perks Announced

In the upcoming Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 is set to revamp its seasonal artifact. Players will now have the option to refund perks from the artifact individually, enabling a quicker and easier build crafting and activity adaptation process. This change follows the recent modification made in Destiny 2 Lightfall, where mods from the artifact were transformed into perks that remained permanently activated once unlocked, without the need to slot them into armor pieces.

The new Artifact Perks for the Season of the Deep are as follows:

The first column offers perks for Auto-Rifles, Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, Trace Rifles, and Glaives. All of these provide unique capabilities such as shield-piercing rounds, stunning unshielded combatants, delaying ability energy regeneration, and lowering combatant damage output. In addition, these weapons are always overcharged when their corresponding modifier is active.

The second column provides significant discounts on the armor energy costs of all armor mods affecting Arc, Void, Strand, and Melee weapons. There is also the Technicolor Siphon perk which gives access to Helmet armor mods combining the effects of the Strand Siphon and Arc Siphon mods.

In the third column, perks like Improved Unraveling, Deeper Origins, Unto the Breach, Electric Armor, and Thunderous Retort offer enhancements such as increased damage dealt by unraveling a target, improved benefits from certain traits, creation of a Void Breach on defeating Void Debuffed targets, and granting bonus Arc Super damage under certain conditions.

The fourth column introduces perks like Strand Soldier, Overcharged Armory, Protective Breach, Counter Charge, and Amped Up. These perks offer bonuses such as Unraveling Rounds for Strand weapons, always overcharged weapons with certain traits, overshields upon picking up a Void Breach, stacks of Armor Charge on stunning a Champion, and damage resistance while amplified.

The final column presents Conductive Cosmic Needle, Shock and Awe, Supernova, Squad Goals, and Lightning Strikes Twice. These perks offer increased damage from Arc and Void abilities on targets affected by Strand debuffs, summoning a burst of lightning on Arc final blows, creation of a large weakening pulse on picking up a Void Breach, and granting amplified benefits to nearby allies through finisher actions, among others.

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