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Destiny 2: Lightfall precedes the end of an era

We have already talked about the Strand and all of the innovations that the upcoming release of the new expansion for Destiny 2 will bring to the table, but Destiny 2: Lightfall is quite important for other reasons. The expansion will bring the chapter previous to the conclusion of the Light vs Dark saga, which has been the conducting thread for all Destiny 2 content in recent years. There is only one more chapter left in the saga, and it will arrive after Lightfall, but most of the key elements in the story should be in place by then.. 

A game-changing story

In Destiny 2: Lightfall we discover that The Last City is not exactly what its name implies. Neptune and the city of Neomuna are home to the Could Striders, a faction that is exactly the opposite of the Guardians in many things but that also defends their home from the threat of the Shadow Legion. They have sought the aid of nanotechnology to become powerful warriors, but paid a very high price in the process, as their life span is shortened to just about ten years. It’s live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse for these defenders that will prove to be critical allies for the Guardians. 

But the Shadow Legion is also getting reinforcements in the form of the Tormentors, massive scythe-wielding humanoids created by the Witness who are capable of using the power of Darkness and suppressing the powers of Light. These monsters will be among the most challenging in Destiny 2.



The events in Destiny 2: Lightfall will prepare the scenario for the final chapter in the saga and Bungie surely has some surprises prepared for us in this chapter of the story. It’s too early to speculate about what direction the story of the game will take after the saga end, and all fans should better focus on enjoying the journey while it lasts. Destiny 2 has managed to gather a stable community of players across several platforms and the game has a long life ahead no matter what. 

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