Despite Overwatch 1 being shut down, physical copies are still being sold

As you probably know, the original Overwatch is no longer a thing. Blizzard took Overwatch completely offline in preparation for Overwatch 2, and now if you want an Overwatch fix, the only way to go is the sequel. That’s why it’s odd to still see the original Overwatch being on-sale at retailers.

Multiple Overwatch fans have taken to Twitter to tweet Blizzard about this find, as they’re wondering why the original Overwatch wasn’t yanked from store shelves due to the sequel arriving. Anyone who buys this and tries to get the game going will see that they’re directed to the sequel automatically.

The only thing we can say about the physical version of the original Overwatch is that it’s the Legendary Edition, which includes 15 skins that should transfer over to Overwatch 2, but aren’t guaranteed to do so. In other words, at best, you’ll be paying roughly $30 for a physical skin pack and that’s it.

Hopefully these packages get removed from stores soon, or stickers are added to the box to let customers know what they’re getting into.

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