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Deep Rock Galactic reveals new DLC details and Season 4

Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have revealed the launch date of the next batch of content for Deep Rock Galactic, Season 04: Critical Corruption.

Arriving on Steam’s Experimental Branch in early June 2023, before launching on 15th June, Season 04 introduces a mutated variant of the Rockpox disease that spawned in Season 03. Among many secrets yet to be revealed, this ever evolving plague has brought new enemy types lurking in the mines, a new Weapons Framework DLC with a trailer debuting soon.

Let’s Get Critical, Critical

Season 04: Critical Corruption sees the hazardous evolution of the Rockpox disease which first arrived in Hoxxes IV last season. Inhabitants of Deep Rock Galactic’s proprietary planet have succumbed to the disease, spreading the contagion in a rage. To be revealed in the coming weeks, the coming Season will bring new enemies, new ways to destroy them, and new ways to traverse the hazardous holes of Hoxxes IV.

A Plaguey Performance Pass

As always, the Performance Pass is back again, offering an all-new Cosmetic Tree featuring 100 levels packed full with gear, weapons frameworks, crafting materials and the always-valued company Scrip to unlock — all for free. Players who spend more than their share of time in the sick bay with Rockpox need to not worry though, anything missed from Season 03 will go into existing loot pools to find at another time.

To mark the launch of the Season 04 and its Performance Pass, a new Decontaminator Pack, comes to the game, featuring a brand new Weapons Framework to accompany previous DLC packs and armour.

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