Daily Themed Crossword November 18 2022 Answers (11/18/22)

The Daily Themed Crossword is available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. It has become a popular crossword app due to its regular crossword offerings and difficulty level (not too easy, not too difficult, generally). They release a new crossword each day, every day of the year, and each crossword has a theme and allows for hints in case an answer involves a more obscure word. This post shares all of the answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published November 18 2022. Please view today’s Daily Themed Crossword Answers for most recent answers.

Daily Themed Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for this recently published Daily Themed Crossword. You can check out more of our Daily Themed Crossword Answers for our full coverage. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!)

  • “How ___ it matter?”
  • Apply lightly, as a cream
  • Opposite of manual, for short
  • Actor Pitt from “Ocean’s Eleven”
  • Phone book number, for short
  • Protein-rich vegan staple
  • “Let You Love Me” singer Rita
  • “___ your way back” (move towards your destination)
  • “___ the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story,” 2010 documentary about the board game, narrated by Zachary Levi
  • Knight’s title
  • ___ sauce (sushi condiment)
  • Vintage, say
  • “Amen!”
  • Belonging to us, say
  • Julia Roberts starrer “___ Brockovich”
  • Vatican leaders
  • Huge heap of clothes
  • Pilot’s prediction: Abbr.
  • “The ___ Game,” board game that was patented by Elizabeth Magie, from which “Monopoly” is derived
  • Science writer Willy
  • Happy Meal fizzy choice, perhaps
  • NYPD alert: Abbr.
  • Like one end of the pool
  • Adobe file format: Abbr.
  • Not at all wet
  • Friend’s opposite
  • “Ham on ___” (novel by Charles Bukowski)
  • ___ d’oeuvre (appetizer)
  • Toy company that held the first-ever “Monopoly” championship
  • Share a boundary, say
  • Where a link may lead you
  • Long heroic tale
  • Oral health organization letters
  • “Breaking Bad” baddie Fring
  • Pilates target, for short
  • Geisha’s costume part
  • Himalayan folklore creatures
  • Explosive stick: Abbr.
  • Last three vowels
  • Subway stop, for short
  • Record lines for a movie’s soundtrack, say
  • Dull routines (anagram of “rust”)
  • “Cruel Intentions” actress ___ Blair
  • “Do ___ Go. Do not collect 0,” phrase used in “Monopoly” that has become a part of pop culture: 2 wds.
  • “___ & Tommy,” miniseries on a celebrity couple
  • Man of ___ (extremely strong)
  • “The Incredible Hulk” actor Ferrigno
  • Sandwich fish
  • Fireplace chunk
  • Chew, like a beaver
  • ___ Jojo (“The Powerpuff Girls” baddie)
  • Shrek, for one
  • Get Out of ___ Free card, popular metaphor that was derived from “Monopoly”
  • Sty sound
  • “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” band: Abbr.
  • Chance and ___ Chest cards, components of the gameplay for “Monopoly”
  • Alley-___ (basketball shot)
  • Repeated four times, a song by “Crash Test Dummies”
  • “May ___ of service?”: 2 wds.
  • Italian for “three”
  • Shaggy Himalayan ox
  • Moo goo ___ pan
  • Feeling after a food feast?
  • Spell opener
  • ___ Tin Tin (canine superstar)
  • Engine speed measure: Abbr.
  • Monday to Sunday, say
  • Large, antlered mammal

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