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Daily Themed Crossword March 13 2023 Answers (3/13/23)

The Daily Themed Crossword is available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. It has become a popular crossword app due to its regular crossword offerings and difficulty level (not too easy, not too difficult, generally). They release a new crossword each day, every day of the year, and each crossword has a theme and allows for hints in case an answer involves a more obscure word. This post shares all of the answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published on March 13 2023.

Daily Themed Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for this recently published Daily Themed Crossword. You can check out our Daily Themed Crossword Answers guide for our additional coverage. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!

  • Settle the tab, say
  • “This is sooo tastyyyy” sound
  • Name that sounds like “Stew
  • “And now, without further ___…
  • Eighth month of the year, for short
  • Sombrero or fedora, e.g.
  • “___ in the Rain,” 1974 song by Neil Sedaka that topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
  • “You’ve got ___ nerve!
  • Quaker ___ Company
  • “Love Will ___ Us Together,” 1973 song by Neil Sedaka that topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
  • Play object
  • “___ Chatterley’s Lover,” D.H. Lawrence novel
  • What ___ around, comes around
  • Critical hospital ward: Abbr.
  • Shipwrecked sailor’s plea
  • “___ Night (Angel Face),” 1975 song by Neil Sedaka that peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
  • Silver screen’s Shirley
  • “Frequently,” to poets
  • Organ a with “drum” and “canal
  • Expressed, as a farewell
  • Make a cake, say
  • Word after “granola” or “energy
  • Commercial complex for consumers
  • “World ___ Z,” 2013 Brad Pitt film
  • The Buckeye State
  • “___ Up Is Hard to Do,” 1962 song by Neil Sedaka that topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
  • Bulletin from the boss, for short
  • Spoil the appearance of, say
  • “That’s a great ___!” (“Great plan!”)
  • Satirical humor magazine since 1952
  • Big stock market event: Abbr.
  • Day care attendees
  • Good buddy
  • ___ Lovelace Day, event named after a famous female mathematician
  • “I kid ___ not!” (“I’m not joking!”)
  • ___ Damon, “Good Will Hunting” actor
  • Swiss breakfast mix
  • Team leader, for short
  • Sneaker or loafer, e.g.
  • Domesticate, as an animal
  • Lone Star State school: Abbr.
  • Golden egg layer, in a German fairy tale
  • Horse’s breakfast bundle
  • Cloud backdrop
  • Canvas shelter in the woods
  • Opening ___ (performer before the headliner)
  • Give the devil his ___
  • Day-___ (fluorescent paint)
  • “Ouch!” cousin
  • Practice in a boxing ring, say
  • “It’s an age-___ tradition…
  • “Come ___ About Me,” 1984 album by Neil Sedaka that features his daughter Dara
  • “Howard the Duck” actress Thompson
  • Hairy Asian work animal
  • Future executive’s degree, perhaps: Abbr.
  • Cover a gift again, say
  • “Bad ___,” 1975 song by Neil Sedaka that topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
  • Bikini top
  • Tattoo that reads “wow” upside down
  • Throat-clearing sound
  • Peru’s capital
  • Prefix with “space” to collectively mean the atmosphere and outer space
  • Dietitian’s calculation, perhaps: Abbr.
  • “Pompeii” actor Harington
  • Enthusiastic response to “Who wants ice cream?”: 2 wds.
  • Court divider in tennis
  • Neither solid nor liquid

If you enjoy the Daily Themed Crossword, we think you’d also enjoy the LA Times Crossword and the NYT Crossword. If you’re still struggling to solve your crosswords, consider practicing with the Eugene Sheffer and Thomas Joseph dailies first.

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