Claire Attempts to Conquer Fear of Heights on ‘Amazing Race’: Watch

Don’t look down! Claire Rehfuss reluctantly attempts to conquer her fear of heights as part of the Roadblock in the upcoming episode of The Amazing Race.

In this sneak peek provided exclusively to Us Weekly, the Big Brother alum, 26, must walk a high-wire on the Puente Nuevo in Spain, which is 390 feet above a waterfall. Once the racer reaches the other side, teams need to correctly identify the Andalusian flag that was held by the tour guide when they arrived in Ronda.

Claire chose to do the task over her partner, boyfriend Derek Xiao, because “she has a great memory, which is part of why I was happy for her to do this one,” he explains. “But if you’re scared, your brain is not really working. Her memory might be little bit impeded because of that.”

Claire Rehfuss.

Prior to the season, the couple exclusively talked to Us about how they “complement each other” and went into it acknowledging both their strengths and weaknesses. “The joke I always make was me and Claire only had one bag and I carried it,” Derek said at the time. “So I always told people, ‘I carried the bag, but Claire carried me.’ I think it was my physical endurance on some of the challenges. But then Claire has one of the best memories of anyone I know. She has great attention to detail and there are so many challenges where it literally is just attention to detail.”

While the New York native attempts to walk across the high wire in the clip, fellow racer Aubrey Ares, who is also taking on the task, tries to encourage her.

“Please don’t talk to me, I’m sorry,” Claire tells Aubrey, who says, “Talking was actually helping me.”

“This is horrible. This is a mistake,” Claire later tells the cameras. “Right away, I was like, ‘Derek should have done this.’ I really don’t like heights. This has been my No. 1 fear since I was a child. I think this is one of the worst things I’ve ever done.”

While viewers don’t know how it ends just yet, she continues to push through, all while saying, “I hate this, I hate this, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.”

The Amazing Race airs on CBS Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m.

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