Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date And Time

The next episode will focus on Kunikida, Poe, and an expert at the observatory.

Episode 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 will be released on Wednesday, January 25th at 7:30 PM PST. The new episode will be released on local channels like Tokyo MX, TVA, AND KBS for fans in Japan, while international fans can stream it exclusively on Crunchyroll. The streaming platform will follow a simultaneous release for the episode, so the release time will vary depending on your region. Here’s when you can catch the latest episode in these regions:

  • Pacific Time – 7:30 AM PT
  • Central Time – 9:30 AM CT
  • Eastern Time – 10:30 AM ET
  • British Time – 3:30 PM GMT
  • European Time – 4:30 PM CEST
  • Indian Time – 9:00 PM IST


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The upcoming episode is titled “Perfect Murder and Murderer (Part 1),” and will see Kunikida accused of murder, and Fyodor is the one to have set the trap. Rampo will feel bad, and he will try to clear Kunikida’s name. Using the photos and other clues obtained from Pushkin, Kunikida will head to an observatory, where an expert will be seen destroying the evidence. The two of them will call Poe, who happens to be in hiding in the same place. The episode will also see the man in the photo fall to the ground while they are waiting.

What Happened Previously On Bungo Stray Dogs?

While going to the police station, Mitamaru praised Rampo and Fuzukawa for their deduction skills and efforts in solving the case. However, Rampo states that he was praising him, but he still doubts his abilities. And to prove his abilities, he ensures to answer all of the questions asked by the police regarding the incident, whilst also revealing that the car wasn’t going to the police station.

Mitamura asked him how the suited man was captured in the theater, and he revealed that it was done using carpet and organic solvent. Mitamaru deduced that it must have been the screenwriter’s doing, but Rampo claimed that he was already dead at that time. According to Rampo, the entire play was set in order to abduct the suited man.

Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 episode 4 release date and time

Fukuzawa found a message left by Rampo, which hinted at Mitamaru being the culprit, and also asked to look for the man’s cane. On the other hand, Mitamaru and Rampo are in the company building. Finally, Fukuzawa found the man’s cane and found a clue that revealed Rampo’s whereabouts. Mitamaru asked Rampo to join the organization, but he seemed uninterested. Meanwhile, Fukuzawa met Oda and asked him about the clue. Oda denied revealing anything at first, but then he agreed to help him in exchange for the curry.

Mitamura becomes irritated and points a gun at Rampo, but Fukuzawa arrived on time and saved him, but scolded him for risking his life. It is later revealed that Mitamura was killed in custody. Fukuzawa and Ranpo met the suited man and asked for his help in starting the detective agency.

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