Blizzard is starting to take serious action against Overwatch 2 cheaters

It sounds like Blizzard is ramping up against cheating in Overwatch 2, as it reportedly threatens to take legal action against a big cheat provider.

With any big new multiplayer game, there’s gonna be some big issues with cheating. While Overwatch 2 is only kind of a new game, it has brought in a lot of new players, so obviously cheating is going to be a problem somewhere along the line. As shared by Reddit user t33hee on the Overwatch subreddit though, it looks like Blizzard is cracking down on cheating software, in this case a piece called Rijin.

User t33hee shared a screenshot of an announcement from the creators of the software announcing that it would soon no longer be available. “Dear customers/ visitors,” reads the post, continuing, “We regret to inform you that our assistance software for “Overwatch” (Copyright exclusively reserved for Blizzard) will no longer be available after 8:00 PM GMT time (As we dismantle the aforementioned services manually).

“Furthermore, additional services in relation to this software, such as purchasing or using it, won’t be able to be done. We know our customers may feel upset or angry about our decisions. But unfortunately, we have no control over the situation,” which is where the message cuts off in the screenshot on Reddit, though t33hee did note that some kind of legal action from Blizzard seems to have been threatened.

To be clear, the use of “assistance software” as a phrase is specifically because of Discord’s moderation policies. From what I can tell they straight up refer to it as cheats just about everywhere else, so trust me, this isn’t something that is genuinely meant to help people.

It’s good to know that Blizzard is cracking down on issues like this, but Overwatch 2 does have one other big problem – it’s monetization system, but that hasn’t stopped people from playing it.

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