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Black Clover Chapter 346 Spoilers Tease The Powers Of Ryuzen Seven

The true battle has just begun.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Black Clover chapter 346.After a two-week break, Black Clover chapter 346 is finally close to its release this week. But fans couldn’t wait long and were eager for the leaks of the upcoming chapter. As usual, the spoilers and raw scans are out before the chapters’ official release, and they tease the new powers of Ryuzen Seven and Ryuya and also maneuver the incredible strength of Ichika. Unfortunately, chapter 347 will also be on a break next week, so fans will need to wait again to know what happens next in the story.


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Black Clover Chapter 346 Spoilers Teases The Five-Headed Dragon’s Defeat

Chapter 348 of Black Clover will start with the citizens of the Land of the Sun terrified at the sight of the Five-Headed Dragon. It seems like an unbelievable sight to them, and everyone wonders if Ryuya and the Ryuzen Seven will be alright.

The next panel takes us to the battle between Kezokaku and Sister Lily, and the former is able to tackle the latter’s Spatial Magic attacks easily. Even Ichika is surprised by Kezokaku’s speed and comments on it. But Sister Lily comments skeptically that she shouldn’t dodge her attacks, and the next thing we see, the 5-Headed Dragon’s attack is able to Devastate a mountain completely.

The next panel shows Ichika getting a flashback where Ryuya tells them everything about what’s going to happen in the fight beforehand, using his power of foreseeing the future. He told them everything about the enemies, their powers, their attacks, the Paladins, Lucius, and when the war was supposed to break out.

It is then revealed that Ryuya saw the future half a day ahead. He said, “I’m feeling this’d happen in the morning.” Ryuya further told them about the Paladin’s magic types and that the seal on the 5-Headed Dragon would be broken. In the flashback, one of the Ryuzen says they need to defeat the enemy anyhow, but Ryuya replies that their first priority would be to save the citizens. Ryuya warns everyone that the 5-Headed Dragon will cause a lot of destruction and that the enemy is stronger than ever. Ryu asks if they can win, and Ryuya speaks in his mind that they are going to win.

Now in the present, all the Ryuzen Seven members are using their might to defeat the Dragon. Daizaemon has the Earth Yojutsu, which activates with the spell “Wisdom King Buddhist Priest.” His power has a relation to Vajrayana Buddhism, in which the Wisdom King is the third type of deity after Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Kezokaku has Snow Yojutsu, activated by the spell “white silver fox in blood-dyed kimono.” Komari has Lightning Yojutsu, and her spell is “Thunderbolt Yakshahime 5-fold dance,” and Jozo has Wind Yojutsu. They all perform a combined attack, and the finishing move is from Ichika, who uses Dark Yojutsu: Black Crescent Moon. Finally, the Dragon is defeated, and Sister Lily is amazed by their powers.

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