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Asus Unveils All-New ROG RTX 40 Laptops at CES 2023 – Video

Speaker 1: We built the world’s first out ultra thing gaming laptop with dual screen. We revolutionize gaming laptops with new innovative foam factors and we persistently push the boundaries of performance and efficiency. We make products for those who dare to live on the cutting edge. Whether you are a gamer, developer, content creator, or an eSports professional, our team, our [00:00:30] G initiative transforms gaming into a lifestyle. It reflects our aspiration to this diverse and ever expanding republic of gamers. And today we are raising the bar again with a new collection of algae laptops. These laptops are powered by the next generation silicone for absolutely max out gaming performance and video’s. Latest $8 less architecture delivers a quantum leap in computational graphics and [00:01:00] tracing the real design. NVIDIA’s latest RTX GPU also includes new AI powered D L S S three, which combines super resolution and frame generation. The multiplied frame rates by up to four times compared to traditional rendering with up to a G four s, RTX 40 90 laptop gpu.

Speaker 1: This new laptops offer unprecedented level of gaming host power. We have also packed new CPUs [00:01:30] into these laptops. Intel’s new 13th generation processor advances performance hybrid architecture with up to eight performance course plus 16 efficient course combined with workloads intelligently routed by Intel Thread director, an AMD new Zem four architecture alluring in next era of gaming performance, including a new 16 course, 32 threads. Rising night processor with position boost overdrive [00:02:00] the rise night processor to deliver dominant performance and leadership energy efficiency. But it’s not just about the internals. When you equip yourself with an algae laptop, you are getting something truly special. You are getting an exceptional experience you can get anywhere else. In 2023, the all starts with the brilliant visual from our allergy nebula display. Any high power laptop can [00:02:30] produce beautiful images, but if you have a substandard panel, they will look lifeless and flat.

Speaker 1: In order to truly bring those worlds to life, you need a display that can perfectly presents the images crafted by the game developers. That’s why instead of forcing gamers to wave through mountains of display specifications, we created our neer standard. Every our neer display must meet a [00:03:00] strict set of requirements. They must be high resolution of Q H D or higher, providing sharp visuals that enhance every details. They must have a fast refresh rate providing smooth emotion that gives you an age in your game and they must be vivid with at least 500 needs of brightness. So you can use them anywhere with a hundred percent coverage of wider D C I P three color space colors will look striking and more lifelike. [00:03:30] You can switch back to s Rrgb for task that requires it. Just like web design plus OG enabler display displays all works with Nvidia Advanced opts to intelligently route graphics to your display ensuring you squeeze every frame out of every game while enjoying longer barrier life.

Speaker 1: When you are unplug from the wall, that means when you see OG enabler display page, you know it’s one of [00:04:00] the words ultimate gaming display. This year we are expanding our enabler display to more models and more sizes from 13 inch to an unbelievably immersive 18 inch panel. This displays are exclusive to algae and you won’t find them anywhere else. Our ALG enabler HDR display is even more impressive thanks to mini L e D technology. This display contains individual separated backlight [00:04:30] zones. They can DI down or turn off completely for alro blacks. They can also reach higher partners level of 1,100 needs. This allows for images of standing contrast that pop right off the screen and this year we have doubled the number of demon zones to 1024 on our highs end NEBULAR HDR display. Our enabler HDR engine combines the blistering 5,400 hertz pooling rates [00:05:00] with our in-house local demoing algorithm processing 250 images per seconds to create dynamic image with precise backlight control.

Speaker 1: With HDR movies and games are becoming the new benchmark for visual fidelity and analogy enabler HDR is ready to showcase modern contents like never before. Designing an effective acquired cooling solution is one of the biggest challenges when building a high performance [00:05:30] laptop, but a small than just keeping the laptop cool. It’s about creating a quiet, peaceful experience that matche what you are doing. In any scenario, when you are just browsing the web writing code or watching a movie, your fans shouldn’t even need to spin up. You only need them working hard during intense gaming sessions or long video renders. This is the promise of allergy intelligent [00:06:00] cooling. Every device in our lineup leverages this carefully constructed ecosystem of cooling solutions, which offers impeccable performance, acquire acoustics and unrivaled customizability. In the past few years, we have continually improved this suite of solutions to handle higher and higher performance.

Speaker 1: In 2020, using an algae exclusive patented method, we started applying the equipment [00:06:30] for more efficient heat transfer on critical components. In year 2021, we broughted to every model in the lineup. The Altrics Advantage edition even used liquidator on both CPU U and GPU A first for the industry. We also designed our arc flow bins with variable thickness blades that tapers to an I impossibly thin 0.1 millimeter with curvature that promotes efficient [00:07:00] airflow inspired by the ship of a bird’s wind tip. This unique fan also offer door turbulence than traditional design, which means less noise. In fact, when under light loads, intelligent cooling can turn the fans off entirely to enter zero DB mode for truly silent comput. In 2022, we took intelligent cooling even further utilizing Thermo Grizzlies conduct extreme liquid metal [00:07:30] for even higher performance and we added dust filters to prevent buildup over time.

Speaker 1: Even more impressive. ALG floor X 16 introduce a new full width hissin, which stretched the full dance of the chassis for improved heat dissipation along with the tri and design that directs air through precisely calculated cutouts in the chassis. This two technologies ensure air flows through crucial components [00:08:00] and towards the larger hissin, keeping your laptop cooler than ever, including a new thicker variance of the full width hissin. Designed specifically for our high performance, our juice streaks machines. You will see on this year’s streaks. The rear event now covers the entire width of the laptop to match the new hissin design. Inside on the strict scar, you will also see a new real light bar that’s fully customizable with our aura suites of [00:08:30] lighting tools.

Speaker 1: We have completely redesigned our allergy strict laptop this year. Unleashing amazing performance with allergy al intelligent cooling and stunning visuals with Al Nebular display. But [00:09:00] that’s not all allergy. Overall lighting effects really takes immersive gaming experience to a whole new level. The al strict scar has always been the dream machine for gamers who love to show off their style. With GB lighting in just a few clicks, you can select one of our pre-designed lighting patterns in the colors of your choice, syncing the lighting on streak’s laptop with other LG peripherals, you, LG mouse headsets, and even [00:09:30] Windows wallpaper. So everything will dance in the perfect harmony. But we also know our gamers are talented and creative. That’s why it inspire us to develop our or creator. This incredible tool allows you to create your own custom lighting from scratch with fine grain control over your entire setup.

Speaker 1: You can see here our streaks laptop and all our peripherals. We can drag them around to rearrange lighting, setup and create [00:10:00] animations. They incorporate their position in the real space. Then we can select a zone, set it as a layer and drag our series of animations until the timeline. We can customize the color, speed and even angle so that our animation matches exact layouts of the device. And there we go. I have now got a fully customized tric scar that shows off my custom lighting effect. Combined [00:10:30] with this year’s stunning new design, you have a beautiful mobile gaming workstation that’s truly unique. The all new design streaks packs unprecedented performance with total system power. Up to 240 watts fitting more immersive, 16 and 18 inch allergy enabler display. At its original footprint, gamers will get more screen real estates than ever. So whether you are playing the latest AAA titles, mastering contents, [00:11:00] or creating your own worlds in the game development engine, you know you are getting the best performance passport in a mobile gaming workstation.

Speaker 1: Our Z first family pioneers the [00:11:30] design trend for moderns league gaming laptop. The iconic dark metrics design is precisely perforated with industry leading high speed CNC drilling process, allowing a pratic film to shine through from underneath our creative energy took our wild inspiration even further. Creating a one of akin personalization, we call it enemy metrics. Under thousands of dot metrics host we have placed by L LEDs that works in unison to create unique animation that stands [00:12:00] out from the crowd originally created exclusively for the Zephyrs G 14. We have refined the enemy metrics over the years. This dome L E d offers infinite possibilities for personalization. Hence, we have expanded enemy metrics to a battery ALG devices, our motherboard, headsets and keyboard, and now enemy metrics finally added to our mid-size ALG Zephyrs laptop in the form of brand new Zephyrs M 16, [00:12:30] the new M 16 perfect balance between technology and arts.

Speaker 1: Introducing craftmanship into consumer tech products. Our brand new and unique mirror polishing technique created with over 10 steps grinding process allow the traditional aluminum lower chassis to reach a new high-end boutique quality. We are also introducing a new color off black. We continue to strive for the ultimate black with refined technique. The [00:13:00] new off black has reached an extremely dark black with our exclusive nano sandblasting finish. Along with the fingerprint resistance and diamond like Mira polish to complete and infinite layer black effect benefited from new al intelligent cooling design. We’re able to push the thermal envelope higher to support 145 WA GForce RTX 40 90 graphics new Zs M 16 with deliver amazing performance [00:13:30] so you can experience incredibly detailed game visuals like never before. This new chassis is not only perfect for housing, the latest components and high-end allergy enabler display, but the larger canvases for our enemy metrics also offer even more customization on the laptop from our Amory crate software.

Speaker 1: You can choose from one of our premier animations or download from our online library. Just click apply Fact to [00:14:00] see it appear on the Lead Enemy metrics supports score link text, so you can even link multiple animations together to create custom loop. But while our en crew animations are certainly beautiful, the enemy metrics was designed to show off your individual style, which means you can create your own animations for something that’s uniquely yours. Funk Online Pixel editor, draw your own animations frame by frame or import achieve to [00:14:30] give your machine some truly custom vibes. After talking it to your liking, you can save it in armor crate, then apply it onto your device. In an age when so many boring laptops blend into the crowd, you will have a machine that’s always reflect your one of a kind personality enemy Metrics is available on this year’s zephyrs, G 14 and M 16, along with the family of our G peripherals thin and light gaming [00:15:00] enthusiast can also choose bang, the upgraded Zephyrs G 16 and ZEPHYRS dual 16 ZEPHYRS dual 16 equips MDs new Zen Z four rye 16 core cpu. This powerhouse chip supports AMD Precision Boost overdrive technology allowing users to over clock or un vault the processor as less see feet. In our testing, we were able to boost the performance by up to 10% getting within the [00:15:30] range of Verizon 9 79, 50 x desktop cheap. This would not have been possible in the 20 millimeter thing. Laptop without algaes exclusive active aerodynamic cooling system.

Speaker 1: With this level of adjustments, we are proud to give you even more control over your machine’s performance. Our ALG ZEPHYRS lineup sports, the latest chip from Intel MD and NVIDIA shows of go’s. Our Nek display [00:16:00] engineer with algae intelligent cooling technology for high end experience you can take anywhere

Speaker 1: In 2021, we introduced the most versatile gaming device on the planets, the algae flow X 13, a convertible laptop with a touchscreen display and compatibility with our extreme mobile external graphics. Lynn, last [00:16:30] year we expanded the lineup with AL Flow Z 13, the world’s most powerful gaming tablet. This year we have boosted their performance to a new height, ready to handle any gaming rendering or co compilation when you need them. The Flow X 13 has been redesigned for the next generation of gamers and content creators. Echoing flow’s core value. We implemented a new 3D texture gravity wave technique now only adding to aesthetics [00:17:00] with enhanced grading energy flow pair with lighting dynamics, but also showing functionality with better grip for its tactile feel. The new flow X 13 is truly incredible. ALG engineers give flow X 13 a huge boost in performance while also making device more compact. In this tiny convertible laptop we have packed new AD Zen four rising knife processor and V GForce RT X 40 70 graphics, [00:17:30] a larger 75 WA battery and a beautiful allergy enabler display. This was no simple task. We had to rethink the entire internal layouts to minimize the footprint of each component, allowing more space for the model boards inside the chassis.

Speaker 1: Whether you are gaming in the STEM mode or utilizing NVIDIA canvass on the touchscreen to create AI enhanced work of art, the flow X 13 can go anywhere and do [00:18:00] anything. The flow Z 13 is equally impressive. It keeps the same space odyssey design language with a unique window that offers a look into the internals. With R GB lighting, combined with the Z 13 unique vapor chamber and ALG intelligent cooling, we are boosting the graphics to M vd GForce RTX 40 60. Taking the advantage of high performance gpu, we are also upgrading Z 13 to enabler display so you [00:18:30] can enjoy unprecedented gaming experience on the tablet that you could not have imagined along with lightweight champions, flow X 16 offers our enabler HDR display in a 16 inch convertible. Chances flow X 16 can be configured with 13 chain intel processor GForce, RTX 40 70, as well as upgradable memory and storage for extreme performance. The entire flow family can also be connected [00:19:00] to our XG mobile. We have three oh to announce our new edition of X Extreme Mobile. Powered by the top tier G four s RTX 40 90 Laptop gpu. Combine any of our IOTG flow laptops with new allergy game controller and Xbox Game Pass. For an undergo game experience that’s impossible to beat.

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