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After Us launches as the next big adventure platformer

After Us is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

From the development teams at Piccolo Studio and Private Division comes After Us; a thrilling adventure title that will have you wowed at the desolated world that it presents, and captivated by the most emotional of storytelling.

Releasing today on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC, at first glance one could compare After Us to the likes of Little Nightmares and Limbo, courtesy of the dark, gritty world that Gaia, the Spirit of Life, explores. As Gaia, you will be sprinting, jumping and dashing your way across obstacles, hiding from the dangers that lurk within the darkness – many of the monsters are ten times taller than you, and stealth is a priority.

Aside from sneaking around, Gaia can also utilise her powers to save over 100 animal spirits, that have been trapped in the wasteland world, that is being torn apart by all manner of both mechanical and natural tragedies. After Us delivers a sobering reality of the state of our world, as human activity affects the climate.

“With After Us we sought to make a game that inspires and challenges players,” said Jordi Ministral, Game Director at Piccolo Studio. “At the core, we ask what kind of world we may leave behind. While seemingly dark at times, we ultimately want to share a message of hope and can’t wait to see the reactions from players.”

“After Us is meant not only to entertain but enlighten players. It is a title we are incredibly proud to be launching today,” said Naomi Steele, Senior Producer at Private Division. “Piccolo Studio showcases their strengths and abilities to craft an unconventional game that is sure to leave a heartfelt and poignant impression.”

A full list of features, as per the game’s store page, includes:

  • Gaia’s journey: the last animals have died, and Mother has used all of her Life Force to save their souls, now trapped in their vessels. Gaia’s quest is to rescue each of their souls and bring them back to Mother’s Ark. Gaia’s traversal abilities will allow you to glide, jump, and dash to explore new areas and evade deadly traps, while her special gifts will grant you the power to clear the oil that consumes the world, face hungry Devourers, and break souls free.
  • A vast, surrealistic world: see through Gaia’s eyes the desolated landscapes that depict the destructive relationships between humans and nature in a beautiful demonstration of abstract artistry. From dying forests to the heart of crumbling cities, through the dry seabed and polluted skies, each environment will offer new challenges for Gaia to face and will present her different versions of the Devourers’ wake of destruction as she spreads life and beauty on her path.
  • A story of contrasts: After Us offers a somber look at a world decimated by human impact. As you guide Gaia’s light through it and discover the causes behind the destruction, you will learn the fate of the Devourers as agents of extinction, but also agents of progress, love, and hope.

After Us is now available on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC. To pick up the game on Xbox, After Us is listed on the Xbox Store for £24.99. It’s also on PlayStation and PC but this is not playable on Xbox One.

Our review is coming real soon.

Game Description:

Explore the corners of a surrealistic post-human world to give life on Earth a second chance in this touching story about sacrifice, and hope. Play as Gaia, the Spirit of Life, and navigate stunning platforming environments in an abstract world to salvage the souls of extinct animals. Revive these creatures after learning their final fate: the last whale harpooned, the final eagle caged, the last deer hunted down, and more, while you survive encounters with dangerous, oil-covered Devourers that roam the wasteland in search of remaining life. In this emotional journey from the creators of the critically acclaimed Arise: A Simple Story, you alone can restore life to the planet.

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